The Open Group Forum and Work Group Officers

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ArchiMate® Forum
Director: Sonia Gonzalez
Chair: Henry Franken, BiZZdesign
Vice-Chair: Iver Band, EA Principals, Inc.

Architecture Forum
Director: Sonia Gonzalez
Chair: Mike Lambert, Open Group Fellow
Vice-Chair: Sheena Thompson, EY

Austin Group
Chair: Andrew Josey
Organizational Representative, IEEE PASC: Donald W. Cragun
Organizational Representative, ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC22: Nicholas Stoughton
Organizational Representative, The Open Group: Martin Řehák
Technical Editor: Cathy Fox, The Open Group

Base Working Group
Director/Chair: Andrew Josey

Certified Architect (OpenCA) Work Group
Director: James de Raeve
Chair: Andras Szakal, IBM

Certified IT Specialist (Open CITS) Work Group
Director: James de Raeve 

Director: John “Jay” Spaulding

Chair: David Bryant, Boeing

EMMM™ Forum
Director: Sarina Viljoen, Real IRM
Chair: Neil Spragg, Rio Tinto

Enterprise Management Forum
Director: Martin Kirk

FACE™ Consortium

Director: Judy Cerenzia
Chair: Robert Matthews, US Navy
Vice-chair: Jeffry Howington, Rockwell Collins, Inc.

Healthcare Forum
Director: Jason Lee
Chair: Larry Schmidt, HP
Vice-chair: Oliver Kipf, Philips

Internet of Things Work Group
Director: Dr. Chris Harding
Chair: Kary Främling, ControlThings

The Open Group IT4IT™ Forum
Director: Martin Kirk
Chair: Christopher Davis, University of South Florida
Vice-chair: Karel van Zeeland, Shell Information Technology International B.V.

Open Platform 3.0™ Forum
Director: Chris Harding
Co-Chair:Stuart Boardman, KPN
Co-Chair: TJ Virdi, Boeing

Real-time and Embedded Systems (RTES) Forum
Director: Joe Bergmann
Forum Chair: TBD pending annual elections

Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) Work Group
Director: Dr. Chris Harding
Co-chairs: Mats Gejnevall, Capgemini; Heather Kreger, IBM

Security Forum
Director: Jason Lee

Chair: Mary Ann Mezzapelle
Vice - Chair: Shawn Mullen, IBM

Trusted Technology Forum (OTTF)
Director: Sally Long
Chair: Andras Szakal, IBM
Vice-Chair: Edna Conway, Cisco



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