Existing Accredited Training Course: Add a Credential course

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Instructions meant for training organizations that already have a TOGAF® course accredited by The Open Group and wish to get the TOGAF Essentials 2018 course accredited.

1- Course Registration

Click here to complete the Course Registration form.

We strongly encourage to keep the course name as is for a faster accreditation.

One or more trainers must have passed the TOGAF Essentials 2018 assessment.

2- Legal documents and Accreditation Fees

Upon receiving your Course Registration form, we will prepare the Legal Documents and send them to you. You will also be requested to pay for the Accreditation fee.




Payment Due

Accreditation Fee*

US $500

Upon application to accredit a training course

Affiliate Fee

US $175

Upon application to register an Affiliate. Fee applies per each Affiliate registered with a Credential Training Course.

Re-Accreditation Fee

US $200

After 24 months

* The TOGAF® Essentials 2018 Credential Accreditation Fee includes a license to The Open Group training materials, which are mandatory for use in the program.

3- Course Submission

Once the legal documents will be signed and the invoice sent/accreditation fee paid:

  • The Certification Authority will share the mandatory course materials with you which we recommend to keep as is for a faster accreditation.
  • Submit the materials for validation on changes.
  • Share the trainer(s) information; new trainer credentials will be needed.

Once your training course is accredited, it will be added to the Accredited Course Register.

For any inquiry, please send us an email.