Certification Services

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The Open Group offers services and consultancy for running its operating system test suites. These range from providing support services, assistance with test suite configuration, to remote execution of test suites.

The key advantages to use of The Open Group test suites are:

  • Enabling significant savings in engineering costs by integrating regular regression tests into the development and quality assurance processes, thereby identifying defects early. 
  • Reducing the cost of developing and maintaining multi-platform application software.
  • Providing the best indicator available of conformance to industry-agreed standards.

Test Suite Support

The Open Group has a test suite support and maintenance agreement for its test suites. Under these terms, The Open Group provides an Error Report service and software support, as well as regular maintenance releases of the test suites which provides the customer with the most current version. There is an annual support fee for each test suite and the Agreement automatically renews unless cancelled by either party in advance of the anniversary.