Certification For Consortia and Associations

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Accelerate market uptake of your standards

The Open Group offers a time-tested and effective methodology for consortia certification programs. We partner with many external consortia to facilitate the development of their standards, best practices and certification programs, through the use of our time-tested vendor-neutral review and approval procedures and our experienced staff.  

 In the certification area, The Open Group works with a consortium and its members to define and design a certification program specifically for its standards and best practices that is aligned with its stakeholders’ requirements. This may include interfacing with validation houses and third-party best-practice assessors, utilizing The Open Group’s own assessors and assessor trainers, or the development of conformance test suites or best-practice assessment procedures.


Because of The Open Group’s extensive international experience in developing and operating certification programs, we have the development staff, IT systems, formal procedures, proven processes, and the operational staff to get our consortia partners’ programs up and running more quickly than our competitors can. We have developed certification programs for SIF, the Free Standards Group, Hotel Technology Next Generation (HTNG), NFC Forum, North American State and Provinical Lotteries (NASPL).