Enterprise Architecture (EA) Improvement Workshop

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This is a workshop to explore what IT customers think about a potential program to help organizations assess how effectively they do Enterprise Architecture and identify opportunities for improvement.

We hope to widen understanding of participant’s approaches to EA improvement and what they find valuable; and to identify practical options for such a program.

The workshop will start at 8.30am on Wednesday and last until the first break at 10.30am.


  1. Introduction & Welcome
  2. What organizations say – presentation of the proposition, survey results, possible directions on improving how EA gets done and it’s business impact
  3. Key question #1 - round table discussion and report back on process improvement approaches used by participants, for TOGAF® and EA as a whole; and view of opportunity seen for enterprise architecture development and management process improvement
  4. Key question #2 - round table discussion and report back on ideas for an EA Process improvement framework, content expected, benefits, fit with existing processes, value of comparison and benchmarking with other organizations, value of certification
  5. Open discussion - work program ideas and options for the next 6-12 months.

The Open Group has assessments for personal knowledge, skills and experience in Enterprise Architecture in TOGAF and Open Architect certification, which have also proved valuable as a basis for professional development.

There is however no widely accepted methodology for assessing the way organizations use EA frameworks and manage the practice of EA. Yet organizational environment is at least as important to the effective practice of EA as individual skills. As with other disciplines, understanding what good practice looks like should enable organizations to gauge where they stand and thus drive process improvement that enhances the contribution of Enterprise Architecture to the business – in parallel with developing professional skills in key individuals.

In December 2011 and January 2012 we interviewed 14 large organizations, mostly IT customers, about their approach to EA improvement. All supported the idea of a widely accepted, practical approach to assessing and improving EA practice effectiveness developed by The Open Group community.