Open CITS Requirements

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  • IT Industry: A minimum of five (5) years of work experience in IT in the last eight (8) years
  • Technical Focus/Stream: A minimum of three (3) years of work experience in the last five (5) years
  • Professional Development: Training in Project Management and technical area.
  • Knowledge of industry trends
  • Community Contribution: Contributions made to the profession


Core Foundation Skills 

Candidates must be able to demonstrate that they have skills in all of the following areas:

  • People: Written and verbal communication, negotiation skills, problem analysis and resolution, mentoring and team leadership
  • Business: Understand business aspects and providing input to winning bids
  • Project Management: Set technical direction, manage an IT project plan, develop solutions, and personal contribution
  • Architecture: Understand interface to architecture and develop re-use mindset

Client Focus Skills 

Candidates must be able to demonstrate that they have skills in one of the following areas:

  • Services: Advise on solutions and complex engagements, develop plans, and assure project viability
  • Sales: Advise on technical decisions, lead technical evaluation and demonstration, assure solution viability, develop competitive analysis, and create client deliverables
  • Support: Advise on technical decisions, problem analysis and resolution, provide technical leadership, create client deliverables, manage change, identify sales opportunities, and propose solutions
  • Training: Understand concepts, define learning objectives, customize programs, vary training delivery, teach to different learning styles, and develop and update training materials

Technical Focus Area (choose one)

  • Business Analysis
  • Applications Development
  • Packaged Application Implementation
  • Data Integration
  • Testing 
  • Infrastructure and Applications Development
  • Systems and Hardware Products (storage systems, networking systems, servers, cross-systems)
  • Infrastructure Design 
  • Software (application development products, application and integration middleware, data management, content) management
  • Security
  • IT Service Management - Delivery, Consulting and Operations