Open Platform 3.0™ for the Digital Economy

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<br>14.05-14.20<br><strong>Creating Value in the Digital Economy</strong><br> Mark Skilton, Professor of Practice, Information Systems Management, Warwick Business School, UK<br><br>14.20-14.45<br><strong>What is Open Platform 3.0?</strong><br> Dr. Chris Harding, Director for Interoperability, The Open Group, UK

Open Platform 3.0™ for the Digital Economy

This session and the next are about what Open Platform 3.0 is and how it will deliver value. It is hosted by Stuart Boardman, Senior Business Consultant, KPN and Open Platform 3.0 Forum co-chair.

14:00: Welcome and Introductions: Stuart Boardman

14:05: Creating Value in the Digital Economy — Mark Skilton, Professor of Practice, Information Systems Management, Warwick Business School, UK (top photo)

Mark will explore the emerging concept of digital value and discuss how Open Platform 3.0 can support digital value generation and exchange.

14:20: What is Open Platform 3.0? — Dr. Chris Harding, Director for Interoperability, The Open Group, UK (bottom photo)

The mission of the Open Platform 3.0 Forum is to advance The Open Group vision of Boundaryless Information Flow™ by helping enterprises to use Cloud, Social, and Mobile Computing, and Big Data. This will be accomplished by identifying a set of new platform capabilities, and architecting and standardizing a platform by which enterprises can reap their business benefits. These capabilities will enable enterprises to:

  • Process data “in the Cloud”
  • Integrate mobile devices with enterprise computing
  • Incorporate new sources of data, including social media and sensors in the “Internet of things”
  • Manage and share data that has high volume, velocity, variety, and distribution.
  • Turn the data into usable information through correlation, fusion, analysis, and visualization.

The presentation will describe the approach taken by the Forum to developing the platform, based on the Open Platform 3.0 Business Scenario that was published last year and analysis of the 22 business use cases that were published recently. This is leading to an exciting new architecture platform that will deliver the anticipated business benefits, and will enable users, developers, and architects to deploy new skills and work more effectively.

The Forum is producing a series of Snapshots prior to publishing the first Open Platform 3.0 standard. It welcomes input from Open Group members and from interested parties outside The Open Group, that will help it to build on the snapshots to define the standard.

Participants will come away with an understanding of:

  • What shape Open Platform 3.0 is taking
  • How they can contribute to its development"

Mark Skilton (top photo) is co-chair of the Cloud Computing Work Group and a member of the Platform 3.0 Forum in The Open Group. He is a member of the ISO JC38 Distributed Computing Standards and an editor and author of the Cloud Credential Council Professional Cloud Solution Architect Certification. Mark is Professor of Practice in Information Systems Management at Warwick Business School UK and a visiting lecturer at Washington State University, Pullman, USA in Cloud Computing and Digital Innovation.

Dr. Chris Harding (bottom photo) is Director for Interoperability at The Open Group. He is responsible for developing the new Open Platform 3.0 Forum, to address the convergence of new technical phenomena such as social, mobile and cloud computing, big data, and the Internet of Things. He supports the work of The Open Group's members in the Forum on these topics.

Chris has been with The Open Group for 17 years. He has managed forums and work groups in a number of areas, including networking, UNIX®, Directory Interoperability, Identity Management, SOA and Cloud Computing. The Open Group's international events and publications are respected providers of thought leadership within the IT industry. Chris is a frequent speaker at Open Group and other industry events, and a contributor to several online journals.

He began his career in communications software research and development. He then spent nine years as a consultant, specializing in voice and data communications, before moving to his current role. Dr Harding has a PhD in mathematical logic, is TOGAF® certified, and is a member of the British Computer Society (BCS), the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), and the Association of Enterprise Architects (AEA).



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