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POSIX® Certified by IEEE  and The Open Group" — a program jointly developed and operated by IEEE and The Open Group — certifies products to the 2003 edition of IEEE 1003.1™-2001, “Standard for Information Technology - Portable Operating System Interface (POSIX),” which incorporates the IEEE 1003.1 Corrigendum. The POSIX® standard defines a set of fundamental services needed for the construction of portable application programs. POSIX certification complements certifications for other products that draw on the POSIX standard, such as those for the UNIX® system, the COE Platform and LSB™.

Although coined to refer to the original IEEE standard 1003.1-1988, today POSIX® refers to a family or set of IEEE and ISO standards that define an interface between programs and operating systems. Heavily influenced by the UNIX(R) system, the latest revision of IEEE 1003.1, Standard for Information Technology-Portable Operating System Interface, merges with The Open Group's Base specifications, which comprise the core of the Single UNIX Specification Version 3.


The program benefits both customers and vendors:

  • Suppliers are able to substantiate claims of conformance to POSIX, based on defined test suites; d evelopers, by defining their programs to conform to POSIX, have assurance that their software can be easily ported to POSIX-conformant operating systems; This includes most UNIX systems ( http://www.unix.org/)
  • Buyers gain assurance that products they procure meet the standard and are warranted by the vendor to do so

Under the program, vendor guarantee conformance to specification. This guarantee ensures that products conform to a specification, remain conformant throughout the life of the product’s registration, and any non-conformance will be promptly fixed. All current certified products are listed in the Certified Products Register.

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