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The approach to information security in today's world has undergone a major shift during the "noughties".  The focus has moved from protection of the infrastructure to securing collaborations between business partners, requiring strong trust management solutions between enterprises, based on effective identity management and data-centric protection.  

It has also  extended the scope of risk management to include not only internal risk profiling but also resilience against external dependencies.  Added to this, the proliferation of increasingly powerful end-user devices online has added consumerization to the security challenges.   More - we have to assure business continuity in a new world where hacktivism (the use and abuse of IT to drive social change) has emerged.

How is IT security going to respond to manage protecting IT infrastructure in this rapidly changing world?  In our Cannes Conference we will take an integrated view to address all these issues and assess their potential impacts on business strategy and Enterprise Transformation.