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Cybersecurity – Defend Critical Assets and Secure the Global Supply Chain

An Industry / Government Partnership to Counter the Digital Threat

You can view the Proceedings from this event here.

Cybersecurity is at a critical juncture. The threat landscape has changed significantly, with hacktivism and advanced persistent threats challenging both enterprise and government IT defenses. The changing cybersecurity environment has profound implications for enterprise architecture, software assurance, information security management, and for supply chain security.

In an increasingly uncertain world, the need to establish and maintain the necessary levels of integrity in a global supply chain is more important than ever. Identifying risks and eliminating vulnerabilities that could undermine integrity is key to supply chain security. The Open Group Conference will provide valuable insight into a critical point of ensuring trust and integrity in your supply chain, i.e. how to prevent or mitigate problems through effective and efficient use of the commercial technologies and IT processes upon which much of society’s critical infrastructure depends. This is a significant global challenge and a top priority for governments, vendors, component suppliers, integrators and commercial enterprises around the world.

  • Learn how The Open Group is working with government and business to protect supply chain integrity through global standards, best practices and guidelines in ICT Supply Chain Management, Enterprise Architecture, Information Security, High Assurance, and Cloud Computing.
  • Understand what processes you should have in place to assure the technology and data you rely on are dependable and secure.
  • Learn about the latest initiatives in supply chain integrity, which can be implemented within your organization to deliver tangible business benefits.

Enterprise Transformation

Enterprise transformation suggests the process of fundamentally changing an enterprise. Sometimes the transformation is dramatic but for most of us it is a steady process. Enterprise Transformation is increasingly bringing the IT organization together with the operations and functional parts of the enterprise to make real and sustainable change. At this conference you will hear how it is being addressed by the people involved in these activities and from leading experts in industry and government. The keynote speakers on Tuesday will discuss:
  • Setting expectations and planning transformation
  • The role of standards in enterprise transformation
  • The work of the members of The Open Group
  • Transforming the DoD Avionics Software Industry
  • Industry / Government partnership in re-defining business practices for procurement guidance

Join us in Washington, D.C. for illuminating keynotes and presentations on cybersecurity threats and key approaches to defending critical assets, securing the global supply chain, and enterprise transformation and the role of open standards.

The Conference will focus on the following areas:




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