Coming Soon: The Open Group Conference, Taipei

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Grand Hyatt Taipei
2, Song Shou Road,Taipei, Taiwan 11051

The Taipei web site is not yet available.
Return to soon to discover more and to register


Join us at The Open Group Conference Taiwan, where speakers will focus on...

  • Enterprise Architecture and TOGAF®
  • Business Transformation
  • EA frameworks and tools
  • Cloud Computing
  • SOA
  • Trusted Technology and global supply chain best practices
    IT skills certification.

Cloud Roadmap and Strategy

Cloud Computing solutions benefit many enterprises; but the challenge for consumers and providers of Cloud is how to manage growth and build successful transitions where it matters. Worldwide leaders in Cloud Computing will come together in Taipei to explore the factors for architecting and developing Cloud Computing solutions that meet both business and technical objectives. The Cloud track at The Open Group Conference, Taipei is designed to help attendees learn about and manage the critical decisions, capabilities and limitations of the technology.

Best Practices of Enterprise Architecture

Without an appropriate architecture, buildings will either fail to be fit for purpose or be vulnerable to nature. Likewise, without an appropriate Enterprise Architecture, the enterprise will either fail to thrive, or be vulnerable to external threats. The Open Group provides an active environment where attendees may learn about and develop global EA standards that deliver business value, ensuring they and their organizations benefit from the exposure to best practices and trends from around the world.

Trusted Technology – Developing open standards for a more trusted global supply chain

The Open Group Trusted Technology Forum (OTTF) is leading the development of a global supply chain integrity program and framework in order to provide buyers of IT products with a choice of accredited technology partners and vendors. The Open Group Trusted Technology Provider Framework (O-TTPF) will identify best practices for secure engineering and supply chain integrity that distinguish trusted technology providers, and foster a secure and sustainable global supply chain. Come and learn how your organizationcan benefit from participating in the creation and the adoption of the O-TTPF.

SOA: Architecture for Boundaryless Information Flow™

Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) is an architectural style that supports service-orientation — a way of thinking in terms of services, service-based development and the outcomes of services. The advent of Cloud Computing is reinforcing the value of SOA, as SOA facilitates the effective use of the Cloud. Speakers at The Open Group Conference, Taipei will discuss SOA standards and attendees will learn how to use The Open Group Architecture Framework (TOGAF®) for SOA.


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