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Sunday, July 15

4.00-4.30Robert Weisman, CEO, Build the Vision, Inc
4.30-5.00ArchiMate® 2.0
Henry Franken, CEO, BIZZdesign, The Netherlands
5:00 - 5:30The Open Group Certification Programs
(TOGAF, ArchiMate, Certified Architect, Certified IT Specialist)
5.30 - 5:45
5.45- 6:15LEARNING LAB - consists of short, informal, interactive sessions
offered in continuous, simultaneous 15-minute talks. Topics include:
ArchiMate®, Real-time & Embedded Systems, Security Forum, Trusted Technology Forum, The Open Group Certification Programs, Association of Enterprise Architects,
What's New at The Open Group?



Monday, July 16, 2012

Conference sessions run from July 16-18, 2012.  Meetings for members only are scheduled on July 19-20. For details, click on Member Meetings.

Attendees can earn up to 10 CPD (Continuing Professional Development) credits, at The Open Group Conference in Washington DC, to apply towards the Association of Enterprise Architects (AEA) CPD program requirements.

 Plenary & Tracks
PLENARY: Cybersecurity - An Industry / Government Partnership
to Counter the Digital Threat
8:50–9:45Joel Brenner, Author and Attorney, Cooley LLP
9:45-9:50Spotlight: SOA
9:50–10:35 Kristen Baldwin, Principal Deputy, DASD, Systems Engineering,
Systems Analysis
11:00-11:40 Dr. Ron Ross, Project Leader, NIST
11:40-11:45Spotlight: Real-time & Embedded Systems Forum
11:45-12:30Moderator: Dave Lounsbury, CTO, The Open Group
Edna Conway, Cisco; Daniel Reddy, EMC; Andras Szakal, IBM Federal
High Assurance Systems/DependabilitySupply Chain / Quantum Lifecycle ManagementTOGAF® 9 Tutorials
(.5 CPD each)
2:00 - 2:45Robert Bigman, CEO, 2BSecure LLC Dr. Yossi Sheffi, Director of MIT Center for Transportation and Logistics (CTL)John Sitarski, Enterprise Architect, Baker Hughes, Inc. John Pritchard and Don Valdez, Enterprise Architect, Adobe Systems
2:45 - 3:30Michael Paulitsch, Scientific Director, EADSDavid Potter, CTO, Promise Innovation;
Jacopo Cassina, CEO, Holonix
Chris Armstrong, President, Armstrong Process Group, Inc., US Heather Kreger, CTO International Standards, IBM
3:30 - 4:00Break
Dependability Engineering for Open Systems (DEOS)Cybersecurity and IdentityTOGAF® 9 Tutorials
(.5 CPD each)
4:00 - 4:45Dazza (Daniel) J. Greenwood, JD, MIT and CIVICS.com Consultancy Services;
Thomas Hardjono, Executive Director of MIT Kerberos Consortium (MIT-KC)
Mats Gejnevall, Capgemini, SwedenSundar Ramanathan, Capgemini
4:45 - 5:30Judith Jones, CEO, Architecting the EnterprisePanel
5:45 - 7:00Networking Reception hosted by The Open Group
Sponsored by FACE™ Consortium



Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Additional Open Sessions:

 Plenary & Tracks
PLENARY: Enterprise Transformation
8:55–9:55Allen Brown, CEO, The Open Group

Case Study: University Health Network (Toronto)
Jason Uppal, Chief Enterprise Architect, QRS,
Winner of 2012 Edison Award for Innovation
9:55–10:00Spotlight: Architecture & Security Forums
10:00 - 10:30Break
10:30–10:35Spotlight: Cloud Work Group
10:35–11:20Judy Cerenzia, FACE™ Program Director, The Open Group;
Kirk Avery, Lockheed Martin;,
Philip Minor, Director, Systems Engineering, Asst. Secretary of Army (ALT)
Security ArchitectureEA & Enterprise TransformationTOGAF® Case Studies
(.5 CPD each)
ArchiMate® Tutorial
(1 CPD)
11:30–12:10John Bell, Enterprise Architect, Marriott InternationalAlan Levine, Enterprise Architect, OracleTara Paider, Nationwide; and Chris Armstrong, President, APGHenry Franken, CEO, BIZZdesign;
Iver Band, Enterprise Architect, Standard Insurance
12:10-12:45Dave Hornford, Partner and Enterprise Architect, Conexiam, CanadaRobert Weisman, CEO, Build the Vision, IncFernando Davila, Director for Architecture Services, Marriott International
Security ArchitectureEA & Enterprise Transformation
(.5 CPD each)
TOGAF® Case Studies
(.5 CPD each)
(.5 CPD each)
2:00-2:45Geoff Besko, CEO, Seccuris, IncMaharshi Desai, Director, Enterprise Architecture, OracleVish Viswanathan, CC&C Solutions;
Shrikant Palkar, Costco
Iver Band, Enterprise Architect, Standard Insurance Company
2:45-3:30Katie Lewin, Director, Federal Cloud Computing Program, General Services Administration (GSA)Samira Askarova, We Solutions GroupVincent P. Armato, BMC Software, Inc.Neil Levette, The Business Forge, Canada
Cloud SecurityBusiness Innovation & Technological Disruption
(.5 CPD each)
TOGAF & ArchiMate:
Ask the Experts
(1 CPD)
The Profession and Practice of EA
4:00-4:45Ryan Berg, Cloud Security Strategy Lead, IBMJude Umeh, Enterprise Architect, Capgemini;
Corey Glickman, Innovation Management, Capgemini
Experts PanelVictor Ramos, Executive IT Architect, IBM Global Business Services
4:45-5:30Glenn Brunette, CTO, Enterprise Solutions Group, Oracle Shakir Badami, Director, Architecture Governance, Baker Hughes, Inc.
6:15-9:15Dinner Event



Wednesday, July 18, 2012

     Additional Open Sessions:


TRACKSSecurity AutomationCloud Computing for BusinessArchitecture Methods and Techniques
(1 CPD)
9:00 – 9:45Bhavish Kumar Madurai, Director & Partner, CSC Global Business Solutions Leo Shuster, Director, IT Architecture, Nationwide Insurance
9.45-10.30Mark Skilton, Global Director, Strategy Office, Capgemini, and Co-chair - The Open Group Cloud Work Group Dr. Yan Zhao, Chief Architect, ArchiTech Consulting LLC
TRACKSSecurity AutomationCloud Computing for BusinessArchitecture Methods and Techniques
(.5 CPD each)
11.00-11.45Majed Saadi, Cloud Computing Practice Lead, SRA International Matthew T.Daniels, SVP and Head of Americas Strategy and Architecture, RBS Citizens
11.45-12.30Penelope Gordon, Cloud Strategist, 1Plug Corporation TJ Parro, Enterprise Architect, and Jim May, Instructor, Metaplexity Associates
TRACKSArchitecture GovernanceCloud DeploymentArchitecture Methods and Techniques
(.5 CPD each)
2:00–2:45Krish Ayyar, Managing Principal, Martin-McDougall Technologies, Australia
Sukumar Rajagoplan, Enterprise Architect, Martin-McDougall Technologies
Tejpal Virdi, Senior Enterprise IT Architect, Boeing;
Tony Carrato, Solution Architect, IBM Software Group
Brenda Cowie, VP Client Services, BiZZdesign, North America
2:45-3.30Kevin Sevigny, Conexiam Solutions Inc., CanadaRajesh Radhakrishnan, Senior IT Architect, IBM Proteus Duxbury, Managing Consultant, PA Consulting Group
3:30–4:00 Break
TRACKS Cloud Architecture
(.5 CPD each)
Architecture Methods and Techniques
(.5 CPD each)
4:00–4:45 Pradipa Karbhari, Principal Architect, Digital & Supply Chain Services, MicrosoftTolla Soto, Solution Architect and Systems Engineer, IBM
4:45–5:30 Beryl Bellman and Prakash Rao, FEAC Institute 
5:30 Close


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