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Leading the development of practical standards for solving business challenges

The Open Group Forums and Work Groups provide members with an open, vendor-neutral environment where they can meet, gain knowledge, and lead the development of technology standards that address the evolving challenges and emerging opportunities of today’s enterprise. Collectively addressing a comprehensive range of technical, business, legal and regulatory issues, each Open Group Forum and Work Group focuses on functional areas of work.

Members of The Open Group Forums and Work Groups gain professional and competitive advantage through:

  • Early access to relevant information
  • Access to the group’s knowledge, resources and expertise
  • Ability to influence the competitive environment and defend their company’s position
  • Opportunity to network with a world-class community of peers
  • Professional growth and enhanced credibility
  • Increased sales, and greater customer confidence and satisfaction

Together, The Open Group Forums and Work Groups provide the strategic and tactical direction that advances The Open Group’s vision of Boundaryless Information Flow™.

Being a member of The Open Group enables you to participate in The Open Group’s highly influential Forums and Work Groups. Join us today!


All member organizations of the Open Group are entitled to participate in one or more of The Open Group Forums — vendor-neutral, fully supported environments where members share knowledge and resources, and collaborate on developing open IT standards and certifications in specific interest areas.

The number of Forums in which member representatives may participate depends on their organizations’ level of membership:

  • Silver Members are entitled to join one Forum and may opt for a second Silver Membership if they wish to join another Forum
  • Gold Members are entitled to join any number of Forums open to all members of The Open Group (see list here)
  • Platinum Members are entitled to join any number of Forums from the list and may also join Forums reserved for Platinum Members only, such as The Open Group Business Forum

The Open Group Work Groups are chartered by the Governing Board, and are open to all member organizations. In addition to their Open Group Forum entitlements, there is no limit to the number of Work Groups members may join.

The Open Group Work Groups tend to incubate and explore broad-reaching areas of interest, which extend across The Open Group’s main Forum activities and areas of focus. A Work Group may graduate to become a Forum, or conclude its lifecycle once exploration and activity is completed. Work Groups open to all members of The Open Group.


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