The Open Group Identity Management Forum

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Leading the development of open standards for identity management

The authentication of identities is an essential requirement in information security solutions. The efficient and secure management of identity information is a critical prerequisite for effective access control and provision management in enterprise IT systems.

The Open Group Identity Management Forum’s activities focus on promoting effective, open standards-based identity management to ensure that the right information on identity reaches the right people. Existing work in these areas is available for download from our Online Book Store:

And current work is underway in:

  • Jericho Forum: Identity, Entitlement & Access (IdEA) Management – Identity Commandments
  • Security Forum: Identity & Access Management (IAM) - industry standards and best practice guides
  • Cloud Computing Work Group: Cloud/SOA-Security – on architectures for Identity Management

The Open Group provides a vendor-neutral environment where members can grow professionally, network with a world-class community of experts and peers, and lead the development of industry standards and best practices for identity management requirements, architectures, and best practice guides.

We welcome the participation of all who want to influence the direction and effectiveness of The Open Group Identity Management Forum.

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