The Open Group Governing Board Certified Architect (Open CA) Work Group

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Leading the development of certification standards for The Open Group Governing Board Open CA Program (formerly ITAC)

The Open Group Governing Board Certified Architect Program (Open CA, formerly ITAC) is an independent global certification program for qualifying the skills, knowledge and experience of IT and Enterprise Architects. Accepted and applicable worldwide, the certification program boasts more than 3,000 certified professionals from 160 companies in more than 60 countries worldwide. 
The Open Certified Architect (Open CA) Work Group works toward continued certification relevance through regular conference calls, and meets face-to-face at The Open Group conference member meetings. It provides a vendor-neutral environment where members can:

  • Influence the certification standards and direction of The Open CA program 
  • Network with a world-class community of peers 
  • Have early access to relevant information
  • Grow professionally and enhance their credibility in the industry

Currently, only Open Group Platinum members are eligible to participate in the Open CA Work Group. However, Accredited Certification Program (ACP) providers may join the Work Group by becoming either a Gold or Platinum member. 
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