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How Does Enterprise Architecture (EA) Transform an Enterprise?

Keynote and general sessions for Mumbai include:

  • Architecting and Integrating Innovation Management into Mainstream Business
    K Ananth Krishnan, CTO, TCS
  • Leadership, Systems Thinking and Complexity Management: Charting the Future of EA
    Dr. Pallab Saha, Institute of Systems Science, National University of Singapore
  • Information Management Strategy & Execution used to Build a General Insurance Co in India
    Ram Kumar, Group CTO, Insurance Australia Group
  • Why should CIOs look at Enterprise Architecture even before they start any Transformation initiatives?
    Nabarun Sengupta, Chief Architect, Cognizant

Enterprise Transformation:

  • is increasingly used by all types of organizations and stakeholders to implement change processes in response to internal and external business drivers
  • aligns IT, operations and functional parts of the enterprise to make real, added-value and sustainable change

At this conference, you will learn about:

  • TOGAF®, the Enterprise Architecture standard used by the world’s leading organizations to improve business efficiency and facilitate enterprise transformation
  • business solutions, best practices, and case studies presented by industry experts
  • the use of EA to facilitate Enterprise Transformation within IT which supports the enterprise as a whole
  • how EA can create a foundation for Enterprise Transformation which business managers can understand and use to their advantage
  • how EA can help the enterprise successfully adapt to ‘disruptive technologies’ like Cloud Computing and ubiquitous mobile access
  • Transformation management principles – making the whole process more a matter of design than chance

Industry Verticals & Topics

The vertical industry topics provide insight, best practices and resources unique to these industries:

Topics include, but are not limited to, Enterprise Architecture, TOGAF®, ArchiMate®, Cybersceurity, Security Architecture, Information Security, Cloud Computing, Big Data, Professional Development.






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