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Big Data – The Transformation We Need To Embrace Today

You can view the Proceedings from this event here.

♦ Contending with Big Data within your Enterprise
♦ How does Big Data enable your Business Architecture?
♦ What does the Big Data revolution mean for the Enterprise Architect?
♦ Real-time analysis of Big Data in the Cloud
♦ Security challenges in the world of outsourced data.
♦ Architectural view of Security for the Cloud.

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Key Themes

♦ Business Architecture      ♦ Cybersecurity      ♦ EA & the Energy Industry      ♦ EA & Business Innovation      ♦ Architecting the Cloud
♦ Securing Big Data      ♦ EA in the Finance Industry      ♦ TOGAF® 9      ♦ IT Professional Development      ♦ SOA      ♦ Data Architecture



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