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New IT Service Management Stream for Open CITS

IT Service Management is the latest subject area to be introduced to the skills and experience based Open CITS program. 

IT Service Management (ITSM) is a profession in which a service provider validates and implements services according to the wishes and expectations of a client. 

In the Open CITS program, IT Service Managers have the option of taking one of three sub-streams that will demonstrate their proficiency in IT Service Management. They are:

  • Service Management Delivery
    Practitioners should have expertise in managing IT hardware, software, communications, and/or application solutions and be able to plan, develop, deliver, and support properly engineered IT services and products to meet the needs of a business. Typical ITIL v3 roles are Service Catalogue Manager and Service Level Manager.
  • Service Management Consulting
    Practitioners will have expertise in advising, planning and implementing the processes concerning managing using and improving IT hardware, software, communications, and/or application solutions and the tools required. Typical ITIL v3 roles are Service Design Manager, CSI Manager and Process Owner.
  • Service Management Operations
    Practitioners will have expertise in using and improve IT hardware, software, communications, and/or application solutions and the tools required. Typical ITIL v3 roles are Service Owner, Capacity Manager, Availability Manager, IT Service Continuity Manager, Supplier Manager and IT Operations Manager.

The ITSM stream was introduced to the Open CITS program at the request of those members of The Open Group who are using the Open CITS program as the basis of a profession development framework within their organizations.
This stream has also been mapped to both the European E-competence framework (e-CF) and the Skills Framework for the Information Age (SFIA).
You can find out whether you can meet the requirements for any stream within the Open CITS program at either Level 1 (Certified) or Level 2 (Master) by using our latest Open CITS self assessment tool. Download here.


New Security Stream for Open CITS

Earlier this year we introduced a new Security stream into The Open Group Certified IT Specialist (Open CITS) program.

IT Specialists in this stream will have expertise in analyzing and translating business requirements into control objectives, designing security controls, and implementing them along with a security management cycle. Security specialists assist in finding the proper balance between enabling and securing in relation to the customer’s organization, culture, and ecosystem.

Typical examples of the deliverables include:

  • Asset classification models
  • Risk analysis reports
  • Information security policies
  • Security solution scenarios
  • Implementation plans
  • Security services
  • Organization models
  • Security effectiveness evaluation reports
  • Security awareness workshops
  • Security incident management plans

Further information on the new Security stream is in the latest version of the Open CITS Conformance Requirements that can be found here.