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Enabling Boundaryless Information Flow™

Empowering Your Business 

This event will explore how new IT trends are empowering improvements in business and facilitating Enterprise Transformation. The modern enterprise has moved beyond the point where information technology merely supports or enables the business, increasingly information technology is the business.

Information itself cannot create business success and competitive advantage. There is a requirement for the integration of the information, and integrated access to that information within a defined infrastructure and architecture.  An infrastructure that provides Boundaryless Information Flow™ has open standard components that combine multiple sources of information and enable the secure delivery of information whenever and wherever it is needed, in the right context for the people or systems using that information.

Monday, February 2

Dependability through Assuredness™: The Cybersecurity Connection

The current Cybersecurity environment presents enormous challenges. Large scale security breaches in the retail and financial sector are far too commplace, as are security breaches involving Healthcare data. Challenges in Cybersecurity point to fundamental issues in Risk Management, Information Security Management, Supply Chain Security, protection of critical infrastructure, and Security Architecture, including a lack of dependability and assuredness in our IT systems.

Empowering your Business and Securing your Enterprise

This event will explore how cybersecurity and dependability issues are threatening our business enterprises and our critical infrastructure from an integrity and a security perspective.  It will reinforce the importance of architecture methodologies to assure your enterprise is transforming its approach along with the ever-changing threat landscape by architecting-in policies and best practices to protect your data, your enterprise operations, your supply chains and our critical infrastructure.
Join us for this day-long event featuring keynote presentations from thought leaders in securing cyberspace.  Track sessions will address such topics as securing the Internet of Things, Supply Chain Risk Management and IT Security, and Dependability and Security Architecture.

Tuesday, February 3

The Synergy of Enterprise Architecture Frameworks

  • Zachman Framework - John Zachman will demonstrate the kinship between the Zachman Framework and TOGAF® and their synergy
  • TOGAF® ADM - The Open Group will discuss the importance and benefits of an open Architecture Development Method


Boundaryless Information Flow™: How It Can Enable Your Business

  • More interoperable, real-time business processes that span throughout all business ecosystems.
  • Open Platform 3.0™ Standards -- the next-generation platform will help organizations take advantage of the convergence of modern technologies such as social, mobile, cloud computing, big data, and the Internet of Things.
  • Developing technology such as big data and advanced data analytics can minimize risk, provide more customer centric products and identify new market opportunities.
  • Healthcare ecosystem -- provide high-level view that identifies entities and stakeholders which must collaborate to enable the vision of Boundaryless Information Flow.
  • Develop better interoperability and communication across organizational boundaries and pursue global standards for Enterprise Architecture that are highly relevant to all industries.


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