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Gain the tools and knowledge you need to introduce meaningful Enterprise Transformation

You can view the Proceedings from this event here.

The term Enterprise Transformation is increasingly being used by organizations of all types to represent the change processes they implement in response to internal and external business drivers.  Enterprise Architecture (EA) can be a means to the end of Enterprise Transformation, but most enterprises transform themselves without the help of EA because the latter is largely limited in impact to the IT department, and transformation is about a lot more than just IT.

The Open Group Conference in San Francisco will focus on the role played by IT and EA within Enterprise Transformation. Through practical learning opportunities based on real-life experiences and case studies, attendees at the Conference will have the opportunity to gain a valuable insight into:

  • The differences between EA and Enterprise Transformation, and how they relate to one another
  • The use of EA to facilitate Enterprise Transformation
  • How EA can be used to create a foundation for Enterprise Transformation that the board and business-line managers can understand and use to their advantage 
  • How EA facilitates transformation within IT, and how does such transformation support the transformation of the enterprise as whole
  • How EA can help the enterprise successfully adapt to ‘disruptive technologies’ like Cloud Computing and ubiquitous mobile access.

These and other questions about Enterprise Transformation will be answered at The Open Group Conference in San Francisco.

Enterprise Architecture

The debate about the role of EA in the development of high-level business strategy is a long running one.  EA clearly contributes to business strategy, and as such, Enterprise Transformation, but does it formulate, plan or execute business strategy? However, if the scope of EA is limited to IT alone, it could have a diminutive role in the business strategy and Enterprise Transformation process going forward.

The Open Group Conference in San Francisco will provide EA professionals with an opportunity to debate these questions and gain valuable insight into the developing role of EA from organizations and peers with practical experience and lessons learned.


The Service-Orientation Architecture (SOA) principle is progressing and increasing in use within EA in major organizations in all business sectors. In conjunction with its membership, The Open Group has been actively involved in the development of the service-oriented approach to EA, and has delivered a range of artifacts that EA professionals can use to guide their use of SOA and maximize its business benefits.

Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing has been a high-profile technology issue now for a number of years.  However, Cloud Computing is entering what Gartner calls the "trough of disillusionment" on its hype cycle.  It's critical, therefore, that organizations better understand the practical business, operational and regulatory issues associated with the implementation of Cloud Computing in order to truly maximize its potential benefits.


The role of IT security has always been one of change in order to adapt to new and developing threats.  Traditionally, the focus has been on the protection of the IT infrastructure and the integrity of the data held within. However, in a rapidly changing world where hacktivism has emerged (the use and abuse of IT to drive social change), how is IT security going to respond?

The San Francisco Conference will provide an opportunity to investigate hacktivism and its potential impact on business strategy and Enterprise Transformation.   How can IT security manage and protect IT infrastructure? What is the role of IT security in the minimization of the physical security threat that hacktivism can pose?





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