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Towards Boundaryless Information Flow™

You can view the Proceedings from this event here.

The modern enterprise is increasingly experiencing technology both as a driver and an enabler of Enterprise Transformation. The adoption and deployment of a wide platform of critical modern technologies (cloud, social, big data and mobile) can be viewed as a business enabler leading to strategic advantage. Technological evolution requires Enterprise Transformation. The challenge for both the Business and the Enterprise Architect is to adopt and adapt the new technology platform with an enterprise-wide perspective.

Key areas addressed include:

What will you learn?

  • How organizations can achieve their business objectives by adopting new technologies and processes as part of the Enterprise Transformation management principles - making the whole process more a matter of design than of chance
  • How organizations move from an IT-centric to an enterprise-centric position
  • How EA and Business Architecture can be used to create a foundation for Enterprise Transformation at the board and business-line managers level


 All Member Working Meetings will take place from Monday February 3rd to Thursday February 6th 2014.

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