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The Open Group offers an effective methodology to form and govern standards initiatives and to develop standards and certification programs

With decades of experience and a proven track record of launching and managing successful certification and standards programs, The Open Group’s experts tailor the process to each initiative’s specific needs.

We partner with groups to launch and manage certification programs with credibility and maximum market impact. Our internationally recognized process provides a commercially and legally sound foundation for the formation and governance of standards initiatives  and special interest groups that accelerates the path to success.

Form a New Standards Initiative

Thinking of forming a new standards initiative? Let us help you. The Open Group knows how and can help you get through the start-up phase effectively and can provide support, guidance, proven processes and templates for each stage of your journey.

Go to Formation Go to standards Go to market inpact

When forming and operating an initiative, there are numerous legal, business, IT, and staffing decisions to be made – all of which can have lasting ramifications down the road. The Open Group's Collaboration Services can help you throughout the lifecycle of your new consortium to help you deal with these quickly and effectively, and help focus your energies on solving your real business problems and helping your initiative in Making Standards Work™.


Develop a Certification Program

With more than 15 years of experience, The Open Group has developed and operates industry based IT certification programs in several strategic areas, including UNIX®, CORBA®, LDAP, Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) and LSB®. The Open Group has developed and currently maintains conformance test suites for many technologies, including those for the programs listed above, the X Window System, Motif®, Digital Video Broadcasting Multimedia Home Platform, Secure Electronic Transactions (SET), Common Data Security Architecture (CDSA), and Linux.

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Client List

Our client list includes:

  • Austin Common Standards Revision Group (CSRG)
  • Database Interoperability Consortium (DBIOP)
  • Digital Video Broadcasting Multimedia Home Platform (DVB-MHP)
  • Distributed Management Task Force (DMTF)
  • Free Standards Group
  • HR-XML Consortium
  • Inter Bank Information Exchange (IBIX)
  • Interconnect Software Consortium (ICSC)
  • Network Centric Operations Industry Consortium (NCOIC)
  • North American Association of State and Provincial Lotteries (NASPL)
  • OpenPegasus
  • Open Mobile Alliance
  • Open Services Gateway Initiative (OSGI)
  • PKI Forum
  • Schools Interoperability Framework
  • Secure Electronic Transactions (SET)
  • WBEMsource Initiative

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Case Studies

"The Open Group's services have been invaluable to us. We started as a grass-roots organization with no seed funding, and The Open Group took a long-term approach to investing in us a future customer, working with us to fashion programs that could help grow the organization over time without breaking the bank. They also helped us develop a certification program tailored specifically to our needs, and launch it with a level of credibility we could not have achieved on our own. It would be hard to imagine a better partner."
Douglas C. Rice, Executive Vice President & CEO, Hotel Technology Next Generation 

"From the beginning of our Standards Initiative, we have partnered with The Open Group to create two best practices, three technical standards, and a corresponding certification program. Their help, guidance, and expertise in the field of standardization has enabled the lottery industry to move forward with innovation and business development - a priority for the association's members. I look forward to building on our past and current success."
Clint Harris, Minnesota State Lottery Executive Director and NASPL President