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The Open Group offers various open source software downloads that enable cross-platform interoperability in IT solutions.


Open Motif is a source code version of Motif®, available under a public license, the effect of which allows Open Motif to be distributed, royalty-free, when the platform upon which it is shipped is Open Source.

OpenPegasus is an open-source implementationof the DMTF CIM and WBEM standards. It is designed to be portable and highly modular. It is coded in C++ so that it effectively translates the object concepts of the CIM objects into a programming model but still retains the speed and efficiency of a compiled language. OpenPegasus is designed to be inherently portable and builds and runs today on most versions of UNIX®, Linux, OpenVMS, and Microsoft Windows.

OMI is an open source project to further the development of a production quality implementation of the DMTF CIM/WBEM standards. The OMI CIMOM is also designed to be portable and highly modular. In order to attain its small footprint, it is coded in C, which also makes it a much more viable CIM Object Manager for embedded systems and other infrastructure components that have memory constraints for their management processor. OMI is also designed to be inherently portable. It builds and runs today on most versions of UNIX® and Linux. In addition to OMI's small footprint, it also demonstrates very high performance.

NEWS: Microsoft brings new open source project to The Open Group


Our Test Environment Toolkit, known as TETware, is a test execution management system that takes care of the administration, reporting, and sequencing of the tests providing a single common user interface for all of the tests that you develop. It provides an easy-to-use framework which can be built to support

  • local testing
  • remote testing
  • distributed testing
  • testing on real-time and embedded systems

This frees developers to concentrate on test development and helps testers by providing them with a single, standard, test harness. It helps you to deliver your software projects on time, within budget and across multiple operating systems.


The Open Group is well established as the premier open systems test supplier and certification authority. As a supplier-independent and product-neutral organization, The Open Group is the logical choice in developing standards-based test suites and certification programs.