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The Open Group works with customers and suppliers of IT products and services, and with consortia and other standards organizations to capture, clarify and integrate current and emerging requirements, establish standards and policies, and share best practices. Our standards ensure openness, interoperability and consensus.

The Open Group Standards Process defines the procedures for key tasks within The Open Group Standards development activities (more...).

The following Standards Process guidance handbooks are available:

The Open Group Standards are published in The Open Group Library.


The Open Group Enterprise Architecture standards include the TOGAF® framework - the defacto global standard for Enterprise Architecture, O-BA, the Open Business Architecture standard, and the ArchiMate® modeling language that enables  enterprise architects to describe, analyze and visualize the relationships among business domains in an unambiguous way.

ArchiMate® Modeling Language

Business Architecture

TOGAF® Framework

The Open Group Enterprise Management standards address the development of a common manageability infrastructure that can be used by both application developers and management system vendors to create an open environment in which complex solutions can be constructed without artificial barriers to their management.

The Open Group IT4IT™ Reference Architecture standard comprises a reference architecture and a value chain-based operating model for managing the business of IT.

The Open Group Real-time & Embedded System standards address the development of architecture methods and models for multiple levels of assurance with sufficient evidence, connecting architecture to engineering to mitigate risk and ensure dependability.



The Open Group Security and Risk standards help reduce IT risks by providing guidance for managing security risk and for creating effective security architectures, as well as technical security standards.

The Open Group develops SOA open standards to assist business and information technology professionals within and outside The Open Group to understand and adopt SOA.

The Open Group SOA standards and guides are included in the SOA Source Book and are available from The Open Group Bookstore. They include:

Visit our SOA Standards Discussion Forum to find out more about our Guides and Standards, or to ask questions.

For more details on our activities, see the SOA Work Group or join the group.

The Open Group  Trusted Technology standards when properly adhered to enhance the security of the global supply chain and the integrity of COTS ICT products. They provide a set of best practices that help assure specifically against maliciously tainted and counterfeit products throughout the COTS ICT product life cycle encompassing the following phases: design, sourcing, build, fulfilment, distribution, sustainment, and disposal.


The Open Group UNIX standards offer the most stable, portable and cost effective applications development environment for a wide range of platforms from mobile devices to mainframes. For end user enterprises, procuring certified UNIX systems ensures the highest level of availability, scalability and maintainability for those who want to focus on their business with confidence in their IT.