ArchiMate® visual modeling notation that would leverage your Enterprise Architecture practice and will help you describe and understand complex systems. Learn about the features and benefits of the New ArchiMate® 3.0, an Open Group Standard.


ArchiMate® Forum

The Open Group ArchiMate® Forum enables member organizations to contribute to the evolution of ArchiMate®.
The Open Group ArchiMate® Forum is open to all Open Group member organizations that apply Enterprise Architecture in practice and support its use and development.

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Architecture Forum

The Open Group Architecture Forum is leading the development of EA Standards, best practices and Enterprise Architecture professional practice enhancement. The Forum manages the TOGAF® Standard, an Open Group standard.

The TOGAF® and ArchiMate® standards  complement eachother for an effective EA delivery.

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The Open Group ArchiMate® Standard is the standard visual language for communicating and managing change and complexity through architecture descriptions development.