The Open Group Forums & Work Groups

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The Open Group Forums and Work Groups for Enterprise Architecture

The Open Group hosts several Forums and Work Groups that focus on various aspects of Enterprise Architecture (EA), while sharing the common objective of optimizing the implementation of architectures to achieve organizational business objectives.

  • The Open Group Architecture Forum is the premier global environment for fostering the development and delivery of robust Enterprise Architecture ecosystems, and is responsible for the evolution of TOGAF®. The mission of The Open Group Architecture Forum is to advance The Open Group’s vision of Boundaryless Information Flow™
  • The Open Group ArchiMate® Forum supports the use and dissemination of, and continued development of ArchiMate,® an open and independent modeling language used in Enterprise Architecture. Joining the ArchiMate® Forum enables you to actively support the use, dissemination, and further development of the ArchiMate® specification. 
  • The Open Group EMMM™ Forum is a global, vendor-neutral environment where members create enterprise architecture standards and reference models for the exploration, mining, metals and minerals industries. 

Get involved

The Open Group Forums and Work Groups provide members with a vendor-neutral environment where they collaborate with a world-class network of peers, and have early access to information that enables them to lead the development of standards, certifications and best practices. To represent the interests of your organization in these highly influential Forums and Work Groups, join The Open Group today.