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The UNIX trademark is owned and managed by The Open Group on behalf of the industry to signify products that are certified to conform to the Single UNIX Specification. By preferring products that are licensed to use the UNIX trademark, end user enterprises can obtain the benefits associated with the Single UNIX Specification, the UNIX standard for portable applications.

UNIX Certification

The Open Group owns the UNIX trademark and grants licenses through the UNIX certification program. Suppliers are granted a license to use the UNIX trademark in connection with a product when:

  • The product has been demonstrated as passing the applicable certification test suites.
  • The supplier has formally agreed to the terms of the certification program

(More information on the UNIX certification program)

The Single UNIX Specification

System vendors supporting the Single UNIX Specification enjoy a substantial market of loyal customers and benefit from lower development costs through shared knowledge. For ISV’s the Single UNIX Specification offers the most stable, portable and cost effective applications development environment for a wide range of platforms from mobile devices to mainframes. For end user enterprises, procuring certified UNIX systems ensures the highest level of availability, scalability and maintainability for those who want to focus on their business with confidence in their IT.

The Single UNIX Specification:

  • Provides a trusted guarantee of application portability
  • Enables buyers to specify UNIX conformance in procurements and vendors to certify their products as conformin
  • Facilitates Boundaryless Information Flow™ for efficient access to integrated information within and among enterprises

The Open Group Platinum Members

The Open Group Platinum Members set the strategy for the evolution of the Single UNIX Specification

The Base Work Group

Through its Base Work Group, The Open group leads the development of open standards for operating systems, including the Single UNIX Specification.

More information on the development and evolution of the Single UNIX Specification, including current projects upcoming events, news, and recent documents.