Open Platform 3.0 Requirements

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Open Platform 3.0™ is broadly centered around four to six technology trends converging on each other to form new business models and system designs.

These themes include:

  • mobility
  • social networks and social enterprise
  • big data
  • cloud computing
  • devices
  • and application architectures

The Requirements

We have now collected requirements for Open Platform 3.0™. We will start defining the platform, based on these requirements, at the Open Group conference in London, October 2013.

The requirements are contained in:

The Conference

The Open Group conference in London starts with a keynote by Andy Mulholland, Former Global Chief Technology Officer, Capgemini, on "Just Exactly What Is Going on in Business and Technology?" This presentation will set the scene as to what mutually agreed standards and methods to extend the various aspects of the Open Group's activities need to be considered, and summarize the conclusions of the round-table meeting.

The conference streams include sessions describing potential applications of Open Platform 3.0, in:

  • Healthcare (Monday, 14:00-15:30)
  • Government (Tuesday, 11:00-12:30)
  • Finance and Commerce (Tuesday, 16:00-17:30)

There is a stream on Open Platform 3.0 itself on Wednesday, from 11:00-16:00. This contains presentations on some of the underlying technologies, and a presentation and discussion on the requirements.

Defining the Platform

On the Thursday of the conference, an all-day members meeting of the Open Platform 3.0 Forum will build on the requirements discussion, start defining the architecture of Open Platform 3.0, and plan the definition of the platform (14:40-16:00).

The Forum aims to produce a snapshot of the definition early in 2014, with the first standard following a year later.