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Developing effective open standards for cybersecurity management

Securing critical infrastructure against cyber threats presents significant challenges. For governments and enterprises tasked with managing the security of their critical infrastructure, cybersecurity challenges are real and growing.

The Open Group has numerous Forums and Work Groups that address various aspects of the cybersecurity challenge. As well as the focus on other aspects of their respective charters, what each of them is contributing to this critical issue includes:

The Security Forum focuses on Security Architecture and Information Security Management. The Forum produces open standards, guides, best practices, and other deliverables aimed at customer practitioners and vendors.

The Real Time and Embedded Systems Forum provides core technology suppliers, integrators and customers with dependability through assuredness in the development of secure, reliable systems using open standards. The Forum delivers whitepapers, standards, guides, and certification of conformance to standards.

The Trusted Technology Forum is developing a set of best practices in the areas of engineering and product development, secure development, supply chain integrity and evaluation methods. The Forum is also working on marked accreditation and conformance programs for provider organizations that conform to the O-TTPF best practices.

The Cloud Computing Work Group is working on a reference architecture for Cloud security.

We invite you to explore the work that these Open Group Forums and Work Groups are doing to ensure better cybersecurity.

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