SOA in the Digital Age

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This series of webinars explores the role and value of service oriented architecture in the context of new digital technologies.

Developments in SOA

How has SOA changed to meet the needs of the digital age?

Tuesday March 10 2015

SOA for Business

How does SOA now enable enterprises to conduct business more effectively? What is the role of the business technologist?

Wednesday June 10 2015

Microservices Architecture

Are microservices an evolution of SOA? How should they be used in enterprise architecture?

Tuesday January 19 2016

SOA and the Agile Enterprise

How can SOA enable enterprise agility? Is SOA Governance adapting to meet the needs of the digital age?

Date to be advised

The ISO SOA Reference Architecture

What does the new Draft International Standard SOA reference architecture look like? How will it help enterprises use SOA?

Date to be advised, once ISO has published its new SOA reference architecture. This is expected to be in September or later.