Microservices Architecture

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This webinar is the third in the series SOA in the Digital Age. The first - Developments in SOA - discussed how SOA met the challenge of integration between multiple independent applications and technologies with proprietarily interfaces. The second - SOA for Business - looked at how the principle of service orientation can transform businesses. This third webinar considers microservices: the relation of microservices architecture to SOA, and the use of microservices in enterprise architecture.

The webinar was held on Tuesday, 19 January 2016. See the slides and the discussion of questions.

Microservices evolved partly as a reaction to the perceived complexity of enterprise SOA. While keeping the idea of service orientation, perhaps even giving it a purer form, microservice practitioners abandoned much of the sophisticated middleware that was used in traditional SOA implementations. They found, however, that a deployment and operational environment was still needed, though it was of a different kind.

In the webinar, two members of the Open Group Microservices Architecture project team, John Bell and Peter Maloney, will give a presentation describing Microservices Architecture and its relation to traditional SOA. They will then be joined by the project co-chairs, Somasundram Balakrushnan and Ovace Mamnoon, to answer questions from the audience as a panel. The session will be moderated by Chris Harding, the Open Group Director for Interoperability.

Peter Maloney is a Senior Engineering Fellow at Raytheon Company. His long career path has taken him from developing and applying solid-state technologies for radar system applications to his current role as a system architect. He became interested in enterprise architectures and particularly SOA as a result of the ever-expanding need for providing access to increasingly complex data products to a diverse group of end users, with the resulting needs for collaboration, throughput management, and security. He is a Raytheon Certified Architect, a program accredited by The Open Group, and a three-time winner of the Raytheon Excellence in Technology Award. He holds one patent and has authored more than a dozen papers.
John Bell has been a user of SOA since its early days, with significant experience of establishing a service-oriented enterprise architecture and deploying SOA solutions within a major corporation. He is now also involved in standards activity, as chair of the IEEE SOA and Web Services Working Group, and as co-chair of the Open Group project to maintain alignment between Open Group, IEEE and ISO SOA reference architecture work.
Somasundram Balakrushnan (Som) is a TOGAF 9 Certified Enterprise Architecture practitioner. With his global IT industry experience, he provides Thought Leadership to his clients in the Financial Services industry. Som is a professional consultant with a proven track record in Enterprise Architecture and SOA consulting engagements. He has led key transformational change programs within complex IT landscapes. Som is involved with many of The Open Group activities, and is well known within the work groups. His association with The Open Group includes: SOA WG, Microservice Architecture (MSA), TOGAF Next, Open Platform 3.0 (SMAC). He is leading the Microservice Architecture (MSA) group in the capacity of Co-Chair. He has authored/co-authored many whitepapers, including The Open Group's "Business Scenario: Open Platform 3.0". Som is also an active member of AEA-MN (Association of Enterprise Architects - Minnesota Chapter).
Ovace A. Mamnoon is an Engineer and an Enterprise Architect and a Practice Principal at Hewlett Packard Enterprise. His near 20 year of varied work experience has areas that have a strong bearing on Microservices Architecture (MSA) including developing embedded systems, SmartGrid design and implementation, Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) and Integration, Internet of Things (IoT), Cloud Computing, Digital Enterprise, all with a strong focus on Enterprise Architecture. Ovace is an active participant in Open Group and is a Co-Chair of the Open Group MSA Workgroup.
Dr Chris Harding is the Director for Interoperability at The Open Group. His role includes supporting the work of Open Group members on SOA and on Open Platform 3.0™, and he has been Forum Director of the SOA Work Group since its inception in 2005. He contributes to on-line journals, speaks at events, and is a frequent webinar panelist and moderator, within and outside The Open Group.